Bread and Butter

Sunday, 8th May

14:00 - 17:00

263d New Cross Road
London SE14 5UQ


Led by Alicja Rogalska, Bread and Butter is a workshop that will take Rogalska's project Pretend You've Got No Money as a starting point - an undercover audio tour of a supermarket focusing on the politics of food production, distribution and consumption. The participants will be encouraged to explore sites in New Cross and their political and social significance, focusing on global connections in the hyperlocal context. They will then collaboratively create an alternative guided tour of the area, mixing factual information, alternative narratives and collective actions.

Alicja Rogalska is a Polish-born interdisciplinary artist based in London and Berlin. Her practice is research-led and focuses on social structures and the political subtext of the everyday. She mostly works in specific contexts making situations, performances, videos and installations in collaboration with other people to collectively search for emancipatory ideas for the future. Rogalska graduated with an MA in Cultural Studies from Warsaw University and an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College.

She recently presented her work at Kunsthalle Bratislava (2021), Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna, 2020-2021), OFF Biennale (Budapest, 2020-2021), Tabakalera (San Sebastian, 2020), VBKÖ (Vienna, 2019), Art Encounters Biennale (Timișoara, 2019), Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (2019), Biennale Warszawa (2019), Museum of Modern Art (Warsaw, 2019), Kyoto Art Centre (2019) and Muzeum Sztuki (Łódź, 2019). Recent residencies include the DAAD artists-in-Berlin fellowship programme (2021), City of Women Festival (Ljubljana, 2019), Stuart Hall Library (London, 2019), PARADISE AIR (Matsudo, 2018), Copenhagen International Theatre (2018), MuseumsQuartier (Vienna, 2018) and IASPIS (Stockholm, 2017).


Havens in the City

Saturday, 21st May

14:00 - 16:00

Goldsmiths’ University
Richard Hoggart Building (RHB)
Lewisham Way, SE14 6NW


Havens in the City is a creative workshop led by the Alternative School of Economics (artists Ruth Beale & Amy Feneck), using drawing and listening to think about havens in the city. Exploring what a haven in the city means, we will touch on ideas of escape, and how the urban built environment effects our bodies and minds, and discuss the importance of access to free, public or collectively run spaces in an increasingly privatised city-scape, where property is used as a proxy investment bank.

The workshop will take place in Goldsmiths Allotments which was set up in 2015 as a place for staff and students to grow their own food and reap the social and therapeutic benefits of gardening.

For this workshop, we will meet outside Goldsmiths' Richard Hoggart Building (main campus).

Light refreshments will be provided, and in the case of bad weather, the workshop will move inside.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own drawing and/or writing materials

The Alternative School of Economics is a collaboration between artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck. It is both an artwork and a way of working; it links artist practice with self-education as a way to study economics, creating a framework for investigating political, social and cultural issues.

The Alternative School of Economics began in 2012, and was in part a response to the banking crisis of 2007/2008 in which economics dominated political and media discourse, when every subject from immigration to education was increasingly spoken about only in economic terms, and the inevitable outcome, we were told, was ‘austerity’. From this starting point, and our interest in self-education inspired by our residency at The Working Class Movement Library, we saw a demand upon the general public to redefine economics on their own terms, to study it through the lens of day-to-day reality and personal experience.